Friday, 12 May 2017

Pune to Mumbai A journey via India's first International Expressway

Travelling to Pune before 15 years was a very tough task. Thanks to Indias first International Expressway built in 2002 in between Indias Biggest IT hub Pune and Indias financial capital and dream city Mumbai.  
If you are travelling to Mumbai from Pune. you will have 2 options old pune mumbai highway and International Expressway.

A journey in which you will be taken through many natural scenery. When you start with you will see a nice view of Subrato Roy Sahara cricket stadium. While travelling through this area you will feel like you are travelling in a foreign country. 

A nice view of hills and clouds around Kamshet region of expressway will amaze you if you are travelling to Mumbai in rainy season. This will give you refreshing feeling and you will love this natures scenery. Long tunnels will be exciting part of your journey. 
After around 60 km you will go through outskirts of lonavala city which is covered with hills and beautiful waterfalls. 
Khopoli region of expressway will be covered with high hill range and posh ghat roads. 

You will find some food malls near to expressway specially build for Expressway travellers.

The next part of your journey to mumbai will reach to Panvel and from where you can say new Mumbai starts actually. You will see tall building, Monorail, Metros and many amazing things in Mumbai. 

This beautiful journey of around 1409 KMs you can cover in only 2 and half hours safely with the help of Pawar Travels. Pawar travels is a company where you can get cabs from very low rate and you can enjoy safe and unforgettable journey to Mumbai. 

Pune to Mumbai cab

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