Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pune To Ganpatipule Cab Provide in Low Cost

Pune To Ganpatipule Cab Provide in Low Cost

Pune To Ganpatipule Taxi Provide in Low Cost

pune to ganpatipule taxi

On the Konkan cost ,Ganpatipule is a small town situated in Ratnagiri District .pawar travels provide pune to ganpatipule by car for low cost. There are many villages in Ganpatipule with greenery ,the main occupation of the people there  is agriculture. Late october to mid feburary is the pleasant season in Konkan .Rice and coconut are primarily found hear. Ganpatipule is rich in Flora and Fauna including Mangroves and coconut palms.
Places to see around Ganpatipule Attractions are:
1. Ratnagiri- Ratnagiri is about 35 kms from Ganpatipule ,the speciality of Ratnagiri district is that six out of total 43 Bharat ratna awardees are from hear.

2. Ganpatipule Temple- The temple is located at the foot of a small natural hill . The Interior design of ganpatipule temple is quiet different from all other Indian temples.The temple is open early morning 5:00 am till evening 9:00 pm. 

3. Ganpatipule beach -This beach is the primary attraction in Ganpatipule it is a 6km long beach with all water sports ,aero boats etc.

4. Malgund-  Malgund is a small village 1km away from Ganpatipule is known as the birth place of famous birthplace of the famous marathi poet Keshavasuta. 

5. Jaigad fort- Jaigad Fort is located at the tip of a Penisula in the ratnagiri. Jaigad fort is about 35 km from ganpatipule and has a light house nearby which is known as the jaigad Lighthouse. It is a 17th century fort which offers a dominating view of the sea . About 2 km away lies the Ancient Karateshwar Temple behind which steps takes us to a beach.

6. Pawas-Pawas is well known for the Ashram os Swami Swaroopanand. The Distance from Ganpatipule to pawas is approximately 20 km. 

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