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Pune To Panhala Darshan Cab service

Pune To Panhala Darshan Cab Service

Pune To Panhala Darshan Taxi Service

Panhala Located 20 kms northwest of kolhapur,Maharashtra literally"the
home of Serpents"The total distance from Pune to Panhala is 231 which
takes 5 hours by road to reach there. The Queen regent of Kolhapur
State,Tarabai spent her manny years. panhala one of the best Forts in
Kolhapur. There is abundant to see at panhala ,most of the structures are
still not damaged.The Perfect time to visit Panhala tourism is during the monsoon
and winter season. Trekkers often visit this fort to collect information
about various forts. There are manny things to watch on the fort they are
Statue of Baji Prabhu one of the greatest warriors of Chatrapati Shivaji
Maharaj's army. Andhar Bavadi a three story structure on the fort also called the Hidden
Dharma Kothi Again one more granary of Panhala which used to supply
food to the needy people.
Wagh Darwaja other entrance of Panhala which was ued to trap for any
intruders. Kalvanticha was the food storage area on the fort at the center of panhala
fort. Rajdindi Bastion was the hidden exists on the fort which Shivaji Maharaj
used to escape Vishalgad during the battle of Pavan Khind.
Palace of  Tarabai. Pawankhind lies at a distance of 55 km From panhala darshan.
It is one of the largest fort in the deccan. There are several monuments on
the fort which are considered notable. Panhala was traditionally conssidered as the house of Maharishi Parashra. Parashra. The marathi poet of 18th century Moropanth wrote most of his
work in these caves, The birth place of Moropanth is Pan
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