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Pune To Harihareshwar Cab Hire Services in Pune

Pune To Harihareshwar Cab Hire Services in Pune

Pune To Harihareshwar Taxi Hire Services in Pune

Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district. It is surrounded by four hills named harihareshwar, Harshinchal,Bramhadri, and Pushpadri. Towards the north there is a temple of lord Harihareshwar ,it is said that it has been blessed by lord Shiva. Hence harihareshwar is often known  to as Dev ghar .Pawar Travels provide pune to harihareshwar cab hire services.

Places to See around harihareshwar tourist places are :
1.Ganesh Gully-  it is a culvert which is a very narrow of about 3 feet wide in between two hard Rocky Mountains. It is assumed that at the end of the culvert there is a holy place where the Idol of Lord Ganesh is Placed.

2.Shiva temple- this is the ancient temple in harihareshwar. The legend of Shiva Temple states  that Lord Shiva  created Kalabhairava and blessed him with manthras. The unique style of this temple is attractive.

3.Temple Pradakshina -  The temple is located at the top of a hill and the parikarima path falls  right down to the Arabain sea. As you enter the Pradakshina area,there is a gayatri tirth on the right side .

4.Valas beach- Near valas beach you can watch Turtle eggs hatch and see  how they make their way into a sea. One Turtle lay about 150 eggs in a nest these eggs takes about 2 months to hatch. It is 30  mins away via Ferry.  Near by places  to see are the Bankok Fort, Velas Village, Kelish village  and  Pan buruj. The Bankot  fort now Dosent have any source of Portable water , near the entrance you can see Ganpati temple and a dry well. It is a square shaped fort.

  Shrivardhan - it is 20 km from harihareshwar ,it is the place from where the prime ministers of the maratha Kingdom the “Peshwas” came from. 
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